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Colt 9x23 barrel and magazines

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There is a Colt 9x23 barrel and 2 magazines available on AuctionArms if anyone is intersted.

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That's a good deal. I paid 40 bucks a piece for 2 colt 9x23 mags and then 25 bucks a piece for two more when I found a better deal. That makes the barrel only 30 bucks. If I hadn't already pissed a bunch of money away on other items I'd definitely bid on it.
I rushed over to bid, and I forgot my %^%$#*^%(* password ! Time's running out, and they haven't replied ! I hate myself !
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I just received my bid info and made a bid. I have no internet connexions at my house, so I hope nobody does me better. I'll either be sending a happy message or another red face come monday !
Is it monday yet ?

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Hate to be a pain in the ass. But you might ought e-mail whoever is selling that barrel and find out if it came out of an enhanced colt or a 1991 colt as the hood is narrower on an enhanced.
I don't think they put 9x23 barrels in the 1991s did they? Only 500 enhanced models were made.
Slap me for not knowing for sure but I thought I had heard 1991's too. Where did you find out only 500. If there are only 500 I am damn sure gonna keep mine.
Is it possible that 500 guns slide marked 9x23 were made? The balance of whats out there are the are the .38 supers that came with a second barrel in 9x23. I had one of these sets in blue enhanced, and sold the gun and retained the 9x23 barrel/spring assm.. I have since installed that barrel in a bright stainless enhanced .38 super. I need additional mags, as I only have one. I've got a new Colt stainless .40 cal mag to trade for a 9x23. Fat chance eh?
Mine says -9 x 23 WIN- on the barrel. Nothing on the slide. It does say 01923E on the box though. Also Wayne Kenney owner of Guns and Things 1008 Calle Katarina
Santa Fe, NM 87505 ph 505-471-0917 [email protected] sold me the Colt 9x23 mags still new in the wrap for 25.00. He told it was ok to publicly refer him here if anyone else needed some. As you probably already know 38super mags are the same thing just not stamped 9x23 on the base plate.
The old popeyes mind is goin. Of course there's no calibre mark on the slide. I do remmember Colts shipped in 9x23 with no second barrel (I think). I just want some blue 9x23 mags to keep calibres apart as my .38 supers are all stainless. OOOOOPS.......time for my shock therapy
ociebell......thanks for info on mags. Mother, ...have you seen my box of raisens?
Well, It's monday and I found out I'm the proud owner of a Colt 9X23 barrel and two magazines ! Once I get it in I'll give you guys a range report. i've been dying for a 9X23 1911 and I love my .38Super, so I'm looking forward to this.
I don't think any of the enhanced slides are marked for caliber in 9x23, 38 super, or 9mm (same for 1991s I THINK).

The only way to know for sure if your 9x23 started life as a 9x23 is to research the serial #. All of these barrels that are popping up may be factory stock that they let loose after deciding not to build the things anymore.

I think the 1991 has only been made in 45, 9mm, 38 super, AND (believe it or not) 10mm but I think the 10mm had a name like Delta 10 or something like that.
Well Bigboy I think ya scored. Hats off to Paten on the heads up. Yall keep your head up for me too as I'd like a 9mm barrel for my enhanced 9x23
Originally posted by ociebell:
Well Bigboy I think ya scored. Hats off to Paten on the heads up. Yall keep your head up for me too as I'd like a 9mm barrel for my enhanced 9x23
Not sure if they are "enhanced" or not but Sarco www.sarcoinc.com has 9mm barrels for only $45.00. I have one of their 7" Super barrels in a Super Elite and it is excellent. I have two friends with both 9mm and Super barrels and for the price they love them. My 7" also shoots 9x23 with so far 100% reliability...Bob
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