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colt commander

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i am stuck now. i went to check out a 1991a1 and the shop owner showed me a commander for $550 on consignment. it has the pearl colt medallion grips, and a display case(BIG DEAL, i know, but could this mean it was barely shot? maybe a good thing???) is this a good deal? should i buy it? should i get it while i can? please give me info quick, so i can make the right decision. thanks all. (btw, i have no idea when it was made or anything else. i'm guessing colt stopped making them, is it true? if it is, i should try to buy it, right...before it gone?) thanks again.
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It sounds like you really want to buy it, so my suggestion would be to go for it! I am now looking for a Commander myself, and for $550 it would be a steal (at least in my area of the country). Typically, 1991a1 models go for $500+ around here. If you want it, get it.
For me, the decision would depend on several factors. Overall condition? Series 70, 80, or 1991? Lightweight or Combat? Stainless or blued? Customized or factory? Upgrades? Do I really want it, or is it just something I can afford this week? You get the idea.

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yeah, i know i should have stared at it a little longer and got more info. i wasn't really planning on buying that particular model, so i just kinda glanced. now that i've thought about it, it's eating me up inside. finish is great, fit is great, trigger's great, everything's great. i just called my gun shop owner and he says some guy put it on hold, and was supposed to come in tonight. it would make me one happy man to have that guy decide not to buy. i'm going crazy now talking about it. thanks for listening...and please wish me luck.
Check your personal email. May have something for you if still looking.
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