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I'm not sure if you're familiar with other guns, but the disassembly is similar to S&W's, Ruger's, etc.

Make sure it's empty, make sure mag is out.
Pull slide so that the rear of the slide stop lines up with the half-moon notch on the bottom of the slide. (You'll pull the slide back around an inch)
Pull the slide stop out. Ease the slide forward off the frame, remove the recoil spring assembly to the rear, along with the small cup that rests forward of it.
Make sure the swinging link is forward/ down against the barrel, and the barrel will slide forward out of the slide.

Reassembly, put the barrel back in, make sure the link is up, away from teh slide. Insert the little cup, then the recoil spring guide rod.
Slide everything onto the frame, making sure that the frame is upright so you're not dragging on the firing pin block. Bring the slide back to line up the half moon again, and put the slide lock in, making sure to catch the link on the barrel.
There is a plunger that will push against the slide stop, which you can wedge out of the way with the slide stop's slanted face, making sure not to scratch your gun with the slide lock.

The instructions make more sense when you've got the pistol in front of you, but they really are easy. They're great guns and I hope you enjoy it.
Also, make sure not to drop the hammer when the slide is off the frame.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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