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Originally posted by gunnuts:
HEY Elizabeth Colt:GUNNUTS HERE,This is the second post that I've read! that you made! out of WHAT! 30 some!Where you come on like a bitch!What up?JUNIOR MEMBER!

Quit giving me a bad name. That is just uncalled for. If you don't like how she is acting, be constructive about it and maybe you'll be able to work something out.

Granted, she was nitpicking on her post. But what you have done is just childish and begging for a flame war, which is totally against the forum policy. I lurked here for two months before I decided to sign up to post. And obviously it seems that # of posts has nothing to do with maturity level.

So let me start by trying to be constructive...

Elizabeth, why are you nit picking so much? We all know what he meant by posting about a Defender XS, so why don't you just cut the guy some slack?

See my example? Now if something bugs you about someone, can't you just be civilized and ask about it?

And if it isn't relevant to the forum we can just hit the e-mail icon and ask that stuff off forum?

There must be a full moon out this week...lotsa people seem a tad on edge.

Peace...(through superior firepower!

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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