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Colt finish

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Hey everybody,
i've got a 70 series colt, 2 tone, w/ blued slide. My question is, did colt make them with an electroless nickel finish? To me it just looks like bead blasted stainless steel and i have cut the fram for a beaver tail and it appears to be the same throughout but a buddy is telling me that is has the nickel.
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It's not stainless. Colt made their Series 70 guns in blued, bright nickel, satin nickel, and for a short time electroless nickel.
It's getting to the point with all the "proprietary" finishes, when I describe a pistol I just use light/dark.
Of course there is blued, but now it's blued this or blued that. I quess time marches on, rust was attacked at the same time I became confused!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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