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Colt Govt. XSE Range Report

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So I finally come to my senses and buy a Stainless Steel Colt XSE which is what I was going to buy when I bought the Jam-Master TLE II (but thats another story). My impressions of the pistol initially were very favorable in comparison to my former Kimber TLE II and my soon to be former S&W 1911. While not as flashy as the TLE II the Colt XSE has a business like feel to it and the build quality seemed superior to the S&W although the Smith has been a real sweet shooting gun and it has no failures I just feel like the materials used in construction aren't on par with the Colt.

Moving on.. I took the pistol apart today and cleaned it and lubed it for an afternoon at the range. I took the XSE to the indoor range up the road and set about testing the quality of the pistols performance. Using Remington 230 FMJ and 230gr +P Gold Dots. The pistol performed for 60 rounds about as flawlessly as one could hope for until I notice that all my shots at the 15yd mark were even with the bull I had been drilling but were moving to the right. This caused me to glance at my pistol only to see the rear sight drifted completely over to the side of the dovetail. It appears the allen screw holding it in place had come loose. Being the somewhat slow learner that I am I didn't think to bring my allen wrenches with me to the range.. and the gun store employee in whose indoor range I had been shooting (and in whose store I had bought the pistol the day before) stared blankely at me when I asked for an allen wrench and then set about finger tightening the allen screw..(hell I could have done that). So my range day was cut short unfortunately over something a little Quality Control could have prevented.

Don't get me wrong after dealing with probably the largest $1000 dollar mistake I've ever made aka Kimber TLE II.. I can't find anything really big to complain about. This pistol is probably the most accurate shooting 1911 I 've owned and it functioned like a champ. I guess it goes to show sometimes it pays to go with the original :).. You can now call me a Colt convert.

Quick question.. anyone know if they make fiber optic sights for the XSE.. something like the Tru-Glo?
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Congrats on your nice new XSE. I have always steered away from Kimber 1911s, but did own a SW1911 for about a year. You are correct...a very sweet shooting 1911-clone. I was using my SW1911 in competition until I found a 1991 NRM Govt model at a local gun shop. After a couple range trips to confirm that the Colt was truly as accurate as my initial impressions lead me to believe....I sold the SW1911 and moved the 1991 into the competition pistol role. One sweet 1911!

Enjoy shooting your's! One suggeation if you reload....buy a Lee Factory Crimp Die. My Colt has a tight (within specs) chamber and some of my less than "pretty" reloads were choking the pistol. The Lee die resolved all the problems and my reloads are much nicer overall.


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FLXRing... congrats on the stainless XSE... I would love to have one to go with my blued version. I also found that my rear sight allen screw was turning out while I shot the gun (thought the sight itself hasn't moved). I put a bit of locktite on the screw and turned it back in and it's ok now. I love my XSE... it's sitting on top of my desk beside me as I write this. Awesome guns indeed!

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