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tsp45acp said:
Mine was 2 yrs old 11/08. Shot it last night and now has over 11,000 rds. 3 total malfunctions. All were reloads and when checked later, were waaaaay out of spec. Short like yours. over 15 diff JHP's both factory and handloads w/o any probs. If you really like the sites, but want nites, call Mark at Trijicon www.trijicon.com He'll give you the # to "Tool Tech". It's their custom shop. They can drill the existing sites and install Tritium's. I love mine. Go with the Green front and Yellow rear. Makes a more distinct and easy to pick up site pattern. Congrats on joining the Gunsite Club. Good shooting. Tracy
Its just as easy to just buy a tritium front sight from www.ameriglo.com. They are less than $40 and install pretty easily.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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