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Colt LW Commander....??? INFO???

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I am looking at a Colt Lightweight Commander as a possible purchase. It is blued and in about 90% condition, the serial number is CLW 019548. I need to know when it was made and a ballpark price for it. Could be an early Christmas present for me. THANKS
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I don't know what price you are looking at, but on Gunbroker.com there is an early LW with the box for sale. The only apparent wear on the pistol is a mark from the slide stop.

The current bid on it is $535.00, which is a good price considering what they bring in my neck of the woods.
i would assume it's around $550 or so. that's about what i got mine for earlier this year. good luck with it and post pics!

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According to R.L. Wilson's book, Colt, An American Legend, the Commander was made in the 1975. 1975 serial numbers began with CLW019201. 1976 serial numbers began with CLW024000. Hope this info helps. Whit
Hello Kitt. Your year of manufacture was 1975, and if you're not sure of worth, try contacting the Blue Book of Gun Values @www.bluebookinc.com.

P.S. Thanks E of B, but I couldn't locate the one that you had discussed with a "mutual".

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Do a search for the dog word in the Colt forum. It's the last message on the list.

Keep an eye on my Commander while it's in the shop, okay? Thanks for the help.

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