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I recently got a Colt M1991A1 SS. I love the gun. To my surprise my wife loves going target shooting with me. The primary use of the gun will be target shooting. The secondary use would be home defense. I have a few questions.
1.- How many pounds is the standard pull on a M1991A1? What is the best trigger pull range for target shooting?
2.- What can be done to make the tiger smoother and what would the cost be?
3.- What is the difference between the M1911A! and the M1991A1? Does most of the info and comments on the 1911 also apply to my gun? What about parts?
4.- At 30ft I shoot a consistent 2 to 3 inch group about 2 to 3 inches the left and 1 inch down. How can I fix that? Are there any good resources (books or web sites) that might help?

My wife and I also considered the Glock 30. My wife did not like the bulky wide grip on the Glock and had more trouble holding it steady in her hand. I did not like the feel of the trigger or the length that you have to pull the trigger. My biggest concern with the Glock was the lack of an external safety. My wife had never fired a handgun and I feel that an external safety is important, at least until she gets more experience handling a handgun. I think the Glock is a great gun for may people but it is not the best introductory gun for my wife.

Thank you very much in advance,

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I think what you need is to simply have a trigger job done to your gun. A decent gunsmith can give it a smooth 4 1/2 pound pull, which is a good compromise between being light enough for target practive yet firm enough for a defense gun. The fact that your shots are hitting low and to the left indicates that you're having trouble managing the current trigger pull.

There is no difference between a M1911A1 and a M1991A1, aside from the Series 80 firing pin safety introduced on all Colts since 1983. All parts not altered to allow the FPS remain interchangeable.

D. Kamm
USGI M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Website

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