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Colt Made a Glock??

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Was at my local mega bookstore today, and reviewed some magazines (Thank God they don't mind if you read the mags here, judging by the articles in the latest gun rag issues, they sure aren't worth the money!- anyway, that's info for another thread).

Anyway, to the point - I looked at a version of a 'Handguns Annual' and there was a feature article on something called a Colt LEP. Was in .40 cal with a synthetic frame. Fieldstripped photo, it looked a lot like a Glock!

Any of you Colt experts know anything about this pistol? Did any actually get produced or was this a prototype? NAA.

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Can't say I've heard it called the LEP, but they did make a pistol as a joint project with CZ. Though Colt killed the deal, CZ still make's the gun as the CZ40 or something.

The only poly gun I recall was the All American/ 2000. I thought that was only in 9mm though.
The article made reference to the Colt All American 2000 in 9mm (they even showed a photo for comparison) The LEP had the same grip angle as the All American. Apparently, 'LEP' stands for 'Law Enforcement Pistol'. The one in the article was in .40 S&W. The reason for the title on my post was in the 'field stripped' photo all the components (except the frame) looked like Glock parts (right down to the recoil spring wrapped around a synthetic rod!). Anyway, guess Colt didn't get this one off the ground. Maybe like S&W's answer to the Glock. All trying to regain some of the long lost law enforcement market. NAA.

Colt 1911: Best damn "Government" in the World!
That platform was "purchased" from FNMI in Columbia, South Carolina. The same folks that beat Colt for the M16A2 contract. Colt wanted something to compete in the polymer gun wars, and later tried to use it as a base for their smart gun project. That particular firearm is currently marketed and sold by FNMI as the FN 49. Polymer frame, DAO, and accesory rails, it is currently only offered in 9mm or .40 S&W.
The All American was a rotating barrel design, with a roller system for the trigger. It bears no resemblance to the FN 49, which came out years later.
Reed Knight sure got screwed on that deal! In his museum, there are a LOT of Colt collectibles he had to take due to payment difficulties. The FN 49 looks a lot more loke a Glock than the All American or Colt 2000, there were a few made with aluminum instead of polymer frames. The 49 was hyped to LEOs, particularly with the Smart Gun innards. It's real hard to forget Pat Shroeder (D) Colorado waving one around at various press conferences. Not one of Colts smartest moves.
romram said:
.. What month/year was the magazine?
I believe NAA is referring to the Dick Metcalf's article in Shooting Times's Handgun Buyer's Guide 2002.

You can try contacting them for back issues @ 1-800-727-4353.
Don't suppose it would be anything like Springfield's


Which caught me by suprise!
HS2000 = Springfield XD

mbodell said:
Don't suppose it would be anything like Springfield's..
Not really.

BTW Springfield's XD pistols is actually the Croatian Service Pistols, HS 2000 with "Springfield" stamped on the slide. :)
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