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Hey everyone,

I don't really post here, but I figure I should share this with you. I finally took the plunge last May and sent my 1911 out for a full-house custom job. I commissioned the late Jim Garthwaite for the project. Unfortunately, as most of us know, Mr. Garthwaite passed away in late June, before the project was completed. His surviving family were very gracious throughout the whole process and offered me some options with regard to how to proceed with the project. One of their options was to send the unfinished pistol off to J.C. Adler, LLC. I went with this option. I received the finished pistol in late January of this year. I couldn't have asked for a better pistol.

Work performed by the late Jim Garthwaite:
Heinie Slant Pro Rear Sight
Novak Tritium Front Sight
Fit Mainspring Housing
Checker Mainspring Housing - 30 LPI
Bevel Magazine Well
Wilson Strong Side Thumb Safety
Complete Action Work w/ Garthwaite Fire Control Group
Crown Barrel Flush w/ Bushing
Bar-Sto Match Barrel, Bushing, Link & Pin ; Fitted
Tighten Slide/Frame Fit
Flatten & Serrate Slide Top - 40 LPI
French Border Slide
Lower & Flare Ejection Port
Long Ejector
Heavy Duty Extractor
Radius/Deburr/Soften Edges
Ball Cuts Slide
Wilson Magazine Catch - 30 LPI
Oversized Firing Pin Stop
Heavy Duty Slide Stop - Ed Brown

Work performed by J.C. Adler, LLC
Checker Front Strap - 30 LPI - High Cut
Checker Rear Slide Face - 40 LPI
High Sweep Grip Safety w/ Memory Notch - Smith & Alexander
Re-Stake Factory Plunger Tube
Blue pistol - matte rounds ; hand polish flats
Cylinder & Slide Light Rail & Install
Test Fire & Zero
Polish Feed Ramp & Barrel Throat ; Check Extractor
Hogue Rosewood Grips
18# Recoil Spring

I got the pistol back and broke it in with 450 rounds of S&B 230gr ball as well as 50 rounds of Buffalo Bore 185gr +P JHP. The gun ran flawlessly. The trigger pulls at a crisp 3#. The work and attention to detail by Messrs. Garthwaite and Adler is second to none. I am beyond impressed with how everything turned out. The good pictures were taken by Mr. Adler. The crappy pics with poor lighting were taken by yours truly. Sorry about that.











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nice. lots of stone work, and the blue is just beautiful. a graceful way to do the light. a really well thought out and executed work. 5 stares. best, james

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There is nothing better in the 1911 world than a true custom pistol built on a proper Colt. Just sayin'. Nice gun!
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Nice looking work, hope you enjoy it going forward. Checkering is great, like the rear of slide particularly.

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I see you chose the Novak's 'Night Dot' front sight. I have the full set on my Taurus self-made 'custom' and they are fantastic sights. Beautiful pistol - you have created an instant heirloom.
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