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I am trying to date a Colt NM which I may be purchasing but have not had any luck this far....It is a blued National Match SN: 1202xNM(side of frame). The front stap is serrated and so is the enhances lightened slide(rolled National Match on slide). I has Accro sights and a blued steel kidney cut trigger with adjustment screw.I seems to be all original(down to the sear gadget thing for trigger bounce) but the finish is about gone and some rust pits. I is poliished on the flats of frame and slide.Any help will be welcome...Thanks ROFI

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About as close as I can come is that it was made sometime in the 50's or 60's, before the Series 70 models were introduced. If the finish is about gone and there are rust pits, I'd place value at about $400 tops. The whole reason for getting one of those was the beautiful finish they came with at the factory! With the lightened slide they weren't durable enough for extended use with hardball or similar full-power loads.

D. Kamm
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