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Colt Non Dovetail Front Sight

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I bought a Commander XSE this weekend and it has the non dovetail type of front sight instead of the dovetail fronts on the XS model. I know you can have the dovetailed sights added for a price. I would like to know how to change the front sight myself to a night sight leaving it in it's present non dovetailed configuration. Thanks
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I don't know of any "at home" method I would suggest, unless you are willing to spend a couple of hundred on tools!

We have been installing Trijicon night sights on standard slide Colt 1911's for years. Properly Done, they don't ever shoot loose or move. One of the problems with going to the dovetail design is, unless a setscrew is part of the sight you choose, it is simply a friction fit that can be "whacked" accidently, and move. Once again - like guide rods and a number of other "improvements", just because some custom gunsmith uses it doesn't mean it's better than the original design, just different.

Ask your gunsmith what method he uses - the correct tool is a jig that holds the slide with the sight properly seated in the gunsmith's vice, then a "swaging wedge" is driven in from the front of the slide. When the process is over - the sight is quite permanent, unless you grind away the swaged metal.

I much prefer the original non-dovetail - John Moses and Colt's way of doing it, (as the XSE is currently done) it just looks cleaner. Installed, a set of Trijicons (Front AND Rear) shouldn't cost more than $175.00 by your local smith. This operation really is better left to the gunsmith. If you don't have one locally, contact Trijicon direct - they have good service.

Warmly, Col. Colt

"Beware of Counterfeits and Patent Infringements"

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