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Colt/Pachmayr/Wolff combo.

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I am not real big on the removable baseplate type mags. I put together some mags using a stainless Colt 7 rd. Gov't. mag tube/Stainless rounded Pachmayr follower/Wolff spring. I took one to the range this weekend to use in a 1950 lwt. Colt Commander I recently acquired. It turned out to be a very reliable set-up, for this pistol anyway. I'm going to have my local gunsmith, Norm Youngblood(Tampa,Fl.) put a flat black finish on these mags. What do you folks think about this set-up? Ray Rinehart
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Hello Ray,

I think that if your magazines function with 100% reliability, then you have a great set-up.

It would be a good idea to test all of the magazines that you modify in this manner.

I would shoot at least 7 magazines full of your carry ammo through each magazine that you modify, and through each gun that you plan to use with the magazines.

When you are sure of this set-up, you may want to get more of the followers, since that part would not be as readily available, when you need to replace parts.


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