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Hi everyone,

I can finally post here now that I own a Colt. It's a beauty too. 1971 engraved NRA centennial Gold Cup NM.

I shot it Yesterday and It was awesome. The gun ran well. 200 rounds, no failures. I estimate it had a 1000 or so thru it before i got it.

My "other" 1911 is a Kimber custom classic.

The first thing I noticed is the Elliason Rear sight has a broken pin. I know the drill bit fix from snooping around in here.

Second thing was that on reloads from slide lock, I noticed that Chip Mckormick power 10's, when inserted with force, would cause the slide to move forward into battery. Now, this is not an undesirable feature, but is it a malfunction or not ?

Third, the original colt magazine is sticky. The chips did not stick. The colt mag does not stick in My kimber. Is that a burr in the mag release or something ?

Fourth, what is the trick to inserting and removing the collett bushing without fumbling?

I appreciate the help folks.

I am in love with my new, 33 year old custom shop gun ! My kimber is going to get a .22 conversion. :biglaugh:
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