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Colt Series 80 Stainless Value?

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I have a buddy who wants to move a Series 80 Colt 1911 down the road. The pistol is in mint condition, Stock - Factory oringal with box. We are thinking it is worth about $650 or so.

Any opinions?

Don - Stanwood, WA
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In Northern VA I just saw one today for $850. That seems to be standard here.


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Is it Enhanced or pre-Enhanced?
If it's Enhanced, they sell for the $8-900 range. If pre-Enhanced, I've seen them as low as $500.

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It's all a matter of local market preferences. Technically the Enhanced guns should be worth more, but there are some (myself included) who prefer the pre-Enhanced and wouldn't touch the Enhanced guns with a barge pole.

Of course, if you go to a gun show they're all made of gold and quite rare, and therefore way overpriced. But if you're the one trying to sell it to a dealer, it magically becomes quite common and undesireable, thus they can only take it off your hands for about $250 or so 'cuz that's all they're worth these days.

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I've been shopping around the internet for one of the pre-enhanced Mk IV's. Prices run from $500-700 depending on condition and finish. High polished stainless will be in the high range. Which specific model does your friend have?

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