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Colt vs PO

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I'm looking for a small, relatively lightweight CCW and have narrowed it down (for the time being) to a Colt Defender or a Para-Ordnance P10.45.

Any thoughts pro or con would be helpful.

-- Chuck

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Personally, I have owned at least three Colt Defenders in my life, and they have all been totally reliable and unbelievably accurate for their size. I also owned a Para P-10 stainless when they first came out and I could not get it to feed reliably enough to ever determine if it was accurate or not. One range session w/Federal and Winchester ball ammo was enough for me. I know this won't be popular with the Para fans, and hopefully they fixed their teething problems on this gun, but my experience was not pleasant.
Everyone who has a Defender seems to love it. Both of the P-10s that I've seen in action were iffy feeders. One had had considerable custom work done to it, and it still didn't work (or, maybe I should say "it then didn't work", as I don't know if it worked before).
i have heard only bad things about the p10, mostly that it doesn't feed all the time.

i have also heard that the defender is the first colt "officers" style size to feed good and be anywhere near accurate enough for carry.

i have no experiance with either, but the gun magazines i read say stay away from the p10!

russel the cop

p.s. a good commander size colt might be the way to go, they conceal pretty easy
I have heard the P10 feeding problems - first hand. A friend had one of the first ones and ended up sending it back for a replacement, that has been totally reliable. The word on the P-O forum is that P-O made some sort of change and now they work. I am trying to track this down and see if there is any truth there or just some sort of urban myth.

-- Chuck

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Stay away from Para-Ordnance. Go with Colt. I've got a Para P-13 that sits in the safe-- doesn't work, never did, sent it back a gazillion times and they could never get it right. It's future is as my "guinea pig .45" so I can learn how to take it apart and put it back together and be able to fix my...

...Colt 1991A1, when necessary. This gun goes bang every time I press the trigger. Go with the Colt Defender. Even though I've never fired one, I'd put my money on the Defender over the Para P-10 any day of the week. --Brian
Go with the defender. I've never owned a P10 but the thicker grip necessary for the double stack mag would be less desirable in my opinion. I do own a defender and I'm very satisfied with it.
Go with the Colt Defender, it will conceal eaiser than the PO, will be lighter to carry and overall is a better gun. I own a Defender and its one fine gun. I was impressed with the accuracy of the little thing and its total reliability.

Do a search in the archives here and you will quickly see that the Defender gets some very high marks.

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Go with the Defender. It carries and conceals very well. Mine has been very reliable and I would have a very hard time giving it up.
Another Colt vote! I think there's a definate trend here.
Definitely a trend developing, I have been leaning toward the Colt and the strong votes of confidence sure helps.

-- Chuck
I've heard a lot of bad about PO. However a few years backpeople felt bad about Colt for some reason. I will tell you though that all of the Colt's that I have experienced have been great. If it's a question of A or B then go with the one and only Colt, if it's a matter of anything else go with the Colt.
I have a Kimber UltraCDP. It's a wonderful gun and only weighs 25 oz. Flawless out of the box and even the trigger is right on. Not a single FTF.
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Smaller .45's are not as reliable as a GM. The smaller they are the less reliable they are, IMHO.

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All I know is that my PO P14-45 was a total POS. Would not feed 230gr FMJ and utterly unfixable.

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Go with the horse as its the best. Anything else I say is only opinion. The 1911 was made to be 5" in barrel length. I have one Officers and its NIB. Now if I carried concealed it might be different. But since you do carry go with a winner. Colt series 90 Defender or series 80 Officers in .45ACP.
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