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I was reading the new copy of "the complete book of the 1911" annual and seen a write up on one of these and was wondering if these are out yet?,if so could you post some pic in your response if you have on of these colts? Also whats the price versus the suggested retail in the gunrags?,I've noticed these are ususally quite a bit less in most cases. I think the lightweight officers acp frame and commander length slide are a nice carry combo. I deffinatly want one of these a.s.a.p. but have a couple of questions.

First off is it true using magazines metal followers or certain jhp bullets with weird profiles can/will damage the feedramp? And last I take it the commander length slide and normal recoil system means its not plauged with reliability issues like officers model size guns right? Sorry if these question seem stupid I know a great deal about 1911 pistols in general but have no experiance with alluminum framed versions thanksfor any help.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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