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er...I'm not sure how to approach this, but I have been having a devil of time w/ packing my piece in comfort lately.

I am thin 6'0" ~ 150lbs. that may have something to do with it.

Too, I have been carrying IWB in a Bianchi Pistol Pocket w/ a double thick belt and Blade Tech TecLok mag carriers.

Most of my discomfort centers around the point of the hip directly opposite the gun.

I was wondering what some of you old pros do.
Do you carry OWB? Would this help? (I hate to drop another 100 bucks and get no relief).

Too, I am fidgeting between a full size 38oz. Government, and a Browning HP.
I can manage the HP w/ one spare mag. and a flashlight, in relative daylong comfort. This gives me a 25 round combat load. I feel reasonalby comfortable w/ that amount of ammo. on my person.
However, on the other hand, with the 38oz. Government, I can only manage 15 rounds of 230grn., the 6P, and the gun, for any lenght of time. This amount of ammo. on tap leaves me feeling "uneasy".

Does anyone out there carry 2 spare mags., a 6P, and an all steel government? If so, how? Do you think an OWB would help me, or am I asking too much?

Need advice,

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Mr. Ellsworth,
Yes...the load you described (gov't model, 2 spare mags, and 6p) is exactly what I carry routinely on a daily basis.

The main way I do it is with an Alessi ACP holster and belt. I think for the most part, a good model OWB is more comfortable for hours at a time. The ACP does it for me. I'm a bit shorter than you but I weigh in at 180 though I don't think it makes that much of a difference. I've worn holsters from many of the top makers but haven't truly been satisfied with comfort, draw speed, easy of access, etc until I got the ACP. It was like flipping a switch for me.

The down side is I spent some big dollars finding the right combo. Hopefully you won't have to do the same. And yes I do go IWB from time to time. The best that I have found in that regard is again an Alessi rig made up for Burns Custom called the GWH. It has the advantage of good stability and matches the same draw stroke of the ACP almost identically. Another good one is the Galco Royal Guard, if you like that style.

Good luck...If at all possible, find someone that has a model you like and try it if you can before you go buy one of your own. Or you'll end up like I did with a box of unused holsters...
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