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I'm looking at Commanders. What's available is an XSE (NIB) and a '91A1 stainless (NIB) (old roll marks). I've got a '91A1 Govt which aint pretty but works like a champ. I've got an Officers XS which is beautiful and also works like a champ. XSE has ambi thumb safety, beavertail grip safety, polished finish, front cocking serrations, staked front sight, plain rear sight, and what appears to be a full length guide rod (FLGR). '91A1 has dull SS finish and is otherwise standard.

Any experience with these two guns? What about FLGR... not too excited about that. Given that both have plain sights, I'd probably get them changed anyway. Your comments, please.
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the newer SS 1991 Commander's have the drop in grip safety, along with the high cut front strap.

The XSE adds front cocking serrations, guide rod, wood grips, alum trigger.
All of these addition's are nice to some, but not really needed, so it's personal preference. Myself I'd get the XSE for the nicer rollmark, the FLGR and the Front Serrations, but that's me.
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