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on consinment at the local gun store are 2 comemerative colt 1911s.i think they are 50 year aniversery editions of WW1.1918-1968
ANYHOW my question is this.they are in like new unfired condition one has checkered grips as the other has smooth grips.other wise the markings and medalion on the grips is the same.im not real crazy about all the ingraving but they are around 600 buck each.seems like a good price for unfired series 70 1911.i would shoot it if i were to buy one or give one to my wife to shoot(she likes these sort of things,she got a mint unfired winchester 94 all brass or gold plated 150 yr aniversery of texas,we only paid 300 bucks for it,looks like a henry)
also thgese comemerative guns seem like they cost a fortune new but are always for sale for cheep.winchester seems to release a comemerative for every thing and everone(travis tritt winchester 94 ?pa leeese!!!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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