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I recently traded a gun for a .38 super compensated upper and some hi-cap mags. The upper was made by Briley and had one of their linkless barrels. I bought an STI frame with the intention of building an IPSC open class gun and sent the frame and upper off to Briley to have the frame milled for that barrel since they obviously had the most experience with the linkless setup. I said to mill the frame, and test fire the gun and also provide the correct recoil spring for the rounds I specified for the test firing. When I got the gun back I noticed I was charged only for the milling, and a new mainspring and new recoil spring. I could tell that I had really gotten my money's worth since some other improvements had been made including:

The ejector had been replaced and tuned

The Ed Brown beavertail had been sanded down and polished on the sides (it had been sticking)

The extractor had been tuned

I had just put all the fire control parts in the gun as they were when I bought them so the folks at Briley could test fire the gun. Everything worked but the trigger pull was pretty crappy. I was going to have a trigger job done later, when I got the gun back. I don't know exactly what weight the pull is now, but it's a lot better than what it was before I sent the gun in and is exactly like I would have wanted if I had done as I planned and had a trigger job done later. It's nice and crisp, no creep, and a lot lighter too.

All this work, and I had my gun back in 3 weeks. I took the gun to the range and tried it out and it ran great as well! Given my experience with them I'd recommend Briley to anybody who is needing some work done on a gun.

Next it's off to Tripp Research for a Cobra Chrome refinishing. I'll post some before and after pics ASAP.

Here's before

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