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I got my Holster and belt in sharkskin from Rafter S, and I am
a happy camper.

Now, my collection is complete and I think I'm going to not order
any more gun leather until next year. Oh wait, next year
is only a month away :biglaugh:

So, now I have four holsters, which are the following:

Tucker HF-1 in Black leather with lining
Kramer Vertical Scabbard in black horse-hide
Rafter S OWB in black shark skin
Wilson/Safariland Adjuster in black shark skin

Wilson is my least favorite. It's big. It's ugly, but up until I
found this forum, I thought it was the best holster money could
buy :eek:

After that, I would have to say that the remaining three holsters
tie for first place.

Tucker HF-1 is the highest quality holster. With the lining it's
re-assuring thick, and the HF-1 fit my Valtro like a glove from
the first draw. There was no break-in required. Inside part
is not dyed, which I like. The holster really conforms to my
waist. It pulls closer to my body than any other holster. If
I were to wear a holster for concealed carry, this would be my
number one choice.

Rafter S has got to be the best value among quality holsters.
I especially like the salty ocean smell of the shark-skin. This
holster is as thick all around as the Tucker. No expense was
spared. In addition to shark-skin holster and belt, I ordered
another belt in cow-hide (different length) and a mag pouch in
shark. The order took exactly four weeks, and because Steve
told me that it would be done in three weeks, he shipped the
leather to me Priority Mail at no extra charge. Steve and Della
are wonderful people, just like Rob is for Tucker.

Kramer was a little more distant to work with. Greg Kramer was
really helpful, but Kim Kramer is not as polite. However, the
product is top notch. Of all the holsters, the Vertical Scabbard in
horse hide took the longest to break-in. I kept putting my
Valtro in it and kept keeping it in the Scabbard in my gun safe.
Now, after a month :rolleyes: the Vertical Scabbard fits the Valtro
like a glove. Of all my holsters, Horse-hide Vertical Scabbard is
the hardest. It almost sounds like it's made out of wood when I
tap on it. The hide looks more like plastic than either cow-hide or

This has been one of my better days :biglaugh:


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