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Compensate Colt Commander?

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Hi all,

I'm new to this board, but have been shooting for several years. I'm active over on GlockTalk, and rec.guns, in case I know anyone out there.

I've been thinking about possibly putting a compensated barrel on my 70 series Colt Commander. This started out by wanting a Glock G21-C, but then I started looking at prices. And I realized my Colt gets little range time these days, so maybe I should just convert it.

I have held off doing any mods to this gun due to some inner voice telling me that a "real" Colt 70 series might have some collector value some day, especially if Colt wasn't producing "consumer" guns anymore. Well, they fixed that, but I'm still wondering if I should "hack" it or not. I don't suppose dropping in a long compensated barrel is much of a hack, but how about drilling holes in the slide? Do I need to? Should I? Does the Colt _have_ any inherent collector value? (My "inner voice" told me this years ago, before I realized Colt had a bad rep for quality in the 90s...)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

-- PG
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I really wouldn't do it to the 70 series slide..If you felt so compelled to do it, buy a caspian slide and make your mods to it. Then you still have the original gun left. Anyway my thoughts...

A long time ago I found two series 70 commanders (under $400 each) One was made into a nice carry gun the other was converted to a carry comp gun. It had a full profile single port comp..It was pretty cool and handled really well.

I still have the carry gun, and I had George Smith build up a SV Carry comp gun that is same length as 5" govt. model..That gun is COOL.

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Compensated commander length 1911's are pretty darn neat!
Click on the link below for some pics.

Custom 1911's

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If you use the gun as a carry gun, I am against having it compensated as the compensation flash can be a little rude on the eyes at night. A less expensive alternative would be to install a FLGR tungsten guide rod. That will add a couple of ounces, closer to 3, to the muzzle end of the gun. It will reduce the felt recoil without the upward flame. Plus, it won't result in any permanent alteration to the gun but will improve handling. Wilson Combat sells a FLGR for a full-sized 1911 that you would have to trim yourself. It would be an easy job.

Of course, you may find compensated guns look really cool when they are fired. In that case, forget everything I said.
Go here

and access the TFL album for a picture of a Lew Horton Colt Custom Shop Compensated Commander.
Thanks for the replies!

I see on several of these pictures something that looks like a shroud attached to the front of the slide. Is this a permanent mod to the gun?

The Commander would never be my first choice for CCW, but I do appreciate the point. It's too long and heavy for my tastes in that area.

Thanks again,

-- PG

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You may also want to consider a bushing/comp. I use a Wilson 7-port bushing comp, when the feeling moves me. I can remove it to carry or shoot stock. You have the best of both worlds. It's cheaper than the traditional barrel/comp setups. Just as a FYI, I would not carry a compensated pistol for defensive purposes. The assailants attorney (should the perp survive)will probably attempt to sue you for everything you have even though you were justified in using deadly force!

Have Fun!
Just got through re building a 70 series Colt Commander that had been ruined by Gunsite back in the 70's. There is no better carry gun than a Commander. I would carry one of Pistolwrenches Comp Commanders in a New York Minute if I could afford one. I have had the pleasure of shooting one and could not believe the sweetness of it. It ends up the same size as a government model and would make a great carry gun. The comp fire at night is BS. Any 45 auto lets out a ball of fire as big as a basketball and after the first shot, you'd better be on auto pilot. Another thing, screw the lawyers. If you fire a shot in this country, your life is over. They will take everything you own in civil court and you may lose in criminal court and do some time. The only advantage is you will be alive. Unless the bad guy shoots first, you're in deep do do. I know you don't believe this so don't bother to argue. I've been there and done that.
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