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concealed carry and rust

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I have a license to carry a concealed weapon. I also have rather large breasts so I carry my steel frame commander under my left bossom. Since men only stare at my breasts, no one notices the Colt. Anyway, I sweat really bad in that region of my body and it causes the bluing to rust. Do you have any suggestions on how to continue to carry like I do but prevent the rust?? Seriously, I need some advice. Thanks !!
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Ummm...I believe all of the new spray and bake finishes are resistant against salt spray, squirrel dropping, breast sweat, etc...If everyone is just looking at your breast, why not try open carry. None of us fellows will be looking to see what caliber your gun is anyway.

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Corrosion-X does wonders in difficult situations. Particularly good in salt environments, including sweat.
I'm not understanding. Could you post a few pics?
I am really hoping your a woman.
I believe this to be a joke. Gimmee a break. Nipples?
Hey Beavis, check this out...huh-huh-huh...
Well, this isn't the first time I have heard of this. One of my guys arrested a woman and we discovered a Ruger Blackhawk .44 mag hidden on her in a similar fashion. However she was obese.

I would say that bluing is not the finish of choice in your case. I would suggest matte finish hard chrome and a regular swiping with Corrosion X during potty breaks.

I would also say that your choice of carry positions is not the most efficient option and if I were you I would experiment with the more traditional locations.

If what you say is true and your mammary glands are the focus of attention it would be wise to carry in another position. Since potential adversaries would focus their attention on your upper body it would be a good distraction while you draw from another location.
Gimmie a break.

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Nipples? C'mon now, sheesh. I would truly be impressed if you can conceal a Desert Eagle!
However, since these glands are such a focus of attention, why not rig a .25 in the cleavage? Have the BG "take a peek" and your troubles are over!
I have the same problem with two of my guns. One is a blue .25 auto I keep under my left testicle and the other is a "deep hideout gun" I have to remove after my morning bran.....


Ross T.
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P7, I am surprised you didn't first change your name to Glans before your post!

I checked out the background. "nipples" apparently is a stripper for a living.
I think you guys just swallowed the poster's bait hook, line, and sinker. For one, I'm not aware of any holsters that allow such a carry in the position mentioned. A belly band perhaps, but a steel 1911 doesn't work too well with those. Second, how would the poster draw except to tear open her shirt or blouse? Yeah, maybe if she's being raped it'll get torn anyway, but then the rapist will see it and take it for his own use.

If the poster is actually serious, I'd strongly suggest a different mode of carry, involving a different firearm if necessary. To be of any use a gun HAS to be accessible.

D. Kamm
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With deference to Patrickl's real-life (ghastly) story of a breast-concealed Blackhawk:

Let's think about this for a minute. I have a Commander length SA. I have some experience with the upper fleshy regions of the fairer sex. Strippers are generally pretty slender. It would take some serious sweater puppies to make a commander vanish. It's nipples' first post and she has a Hotmail e-mail address. While this one has immense curb appeal, I think we've been had.

Of course I'd be willing to reconsider, with sufficient photographic proof
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I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think I've seen Nipples at work. I was lonely last week and stopped into a strip joint before a night of hand to gland combat. A woman with unusually large nipples (coincidence?) threw her panties offstage and they landed on my head...a second later, the poor guy next to me was knocked unconcious by what looked to be a 1911 style pistol...although I can't be sure if it was a commander or gov't model since the bouncer quickly ran over and picked it up....

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Originally posted by P7:
I was lonely last week and stopped into a strip joint before a night of hand to gland combat. .]

ah yes...good old hand to gland combat. thank you for a great laugh. to nipples: i would suggest a different mode of carry. if you can conceal a gun with your bust, it must be heavy compared to a light jacket or long sleeved shirt, and sounds like it would be too slow of a draw. i mean, you wanna protect you and your "friends", right? good luck with your query and i hope to run into you one of these days.

Nothing like the smell of Breakfree to make my day complete.
We had a busty, but appropriately clad woman demonstrate how she carried with her shirt tucked over her gun. She did the draw exactly correct. With her off hand, she reached down and grabbed, solidly, a handful of shirt and in one clean and forceful jerk, untucked the shirt, uncovered the gun, which she then drew with her strong hand quite efficiently. Only, somewhere in her training did she not learn to let go of the shirt. While there was nothing to see but a very supportive bright white bra with frilly trim, it stymied several of us at least long enough to realize that if she had come in our place of business and pulled that stunt, we would have missed the gun until it was out and pointed at us. Talk about a distraction move!

Her gun did not actually ride completely covered by mammary tissue, but the back of the slide, hammer, and grip certainly were.

To this day, I do not personally think that a two handed draw where the off-hand must perform an action to make the draw successful is a very efficient way to draw. Such activities complicate the process and so more things can go wrong. However, the visual distraction does add a new feature. Keep in mind that a similar effect can be attained by an obese fish belly white guy doing the same draw, only instead of keen interest, the image of the motion rippling fish belly white fat gut will offer the distraction of repulsion. People will be inclined to turn away and never see the gun. Also keep in mind that such guys face the same corrsion problems noted above if carrying in a similar manner.
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ROF - LMFAO!!! Might I suggest some further "field work" to accertain the precise nature of the weapon? I think it may be of value to other forum readers to learn the details of her carry gun. (i.e.: do strippers prefer ambi safties, night sights, etc.)

Double Naught:

You paint a disturbing picture. I never considered the tactical potential of the white-guy fish belly. Now where did I leave those HoHos and that case of Budweiser??
Thank you for the comments gentlemen. I think I will contact Tripp or Robar for one of their new finishes--- possibly the new polymer ta-ta's" finish. Guaranteed 500 hours of breast sweat exposure with no corrosion.

Guys dig chicks with guns (and big boobs)!!

} }
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