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you can use the same mags for both, or all three, calibers. know that you'll experience greater nosedives with 9mm ammo than with 38 super. it's because the 9mm case is tapered. Springfield has a special magazine just for the 9mm, with a "feed ramp" designed into the front of the magazine. however, i'm not convinced that it's all that effective. other folks on this forum will argue otherwise. if you stay with round nose bullets in the 9mm, you should be just fine.

the 9X23 also nosedives more than the 38 super, but the 9X23 does not suffer the malfunctions like the 9X19 does, in my experience. the 9X23 is tapered also, it is essentially a longer 9mm Luger case.

depending on the source you read, the 9mm and 38 Super use the same 14 lb recoil spring. the 9X23 is better off with a stronger recoil spring since it produces plenty of recoil.

barrels. a drop in design might be all you need. however, if you are thinking 9X23, you might want to have one fitted properly. the faster slide velocity produced by the 9X23 can damage the barrel lugs if there is a sloppy fit between the barrel and slide.

barrels can be found lots of places. brownells (http://www.brownells.com/) has a good variety, and you might find original Colt barrels there. Note that some Colt 38 Super and 9X19 barrels have a thinner profile than the typical 1911 barrel. so make sure you match the bushing with the barrel. check Brownells for these as well. some places that will make custom bushings include Bar-Sto and possibly EGW.
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