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The 9x23 is the same oal as the Super but is stronger in the base to prevent case blowout at higher operating pressures. The latter was a problem for competitive shooters who upped pressures on the Super to make major. The extra brass in the base reduces the amount of powder that can be loaded but allows for higher pressures with what is there and so the increased velocity.

Don't know how it does with heavier bullets like the 147 gr. or heavier anyone here try those in the 9x23?

9x25 Dillon is a 10mm necked down to a 9mm. Not sure I see the point personally. It's been around 4 or 5 years and few have heard of it. .38 Casull interests me a bit, but again it joins a long list of propriety rounds that seem promising. Nice to tinker with though, if you tinker.

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