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I'll try
1) ???? Not sure about this, don't remember much except the one thread awhile back, not sure dave was concerned about, only stated it was differant and made using the slide stop differant if I recall???
2) YES
3) They use very little MIM and all thier parts are either Brown, Wilson, STI, King or McCormick, all top shelf parts, not many MIM issues with DW line.
4) I would have to say yes based on the current market, especially for a CBOB.

I have 2 Dan Wessons and a Kimber, my DW are by far the better value and give nothing up to the Kimber, in fact the Kimber cost more but had much more MIM and a plastic mainspring houseing.

I'm sure some will chime in with more info but that's about all I can tell ya. :)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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