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There is no easy answer for this; there are just too many variables - between which there may be a great deal of different actions to take. Mindset, theorizing, formulating courses of action, practice and drills. But for an answer to a particular scenario, many questions....

What kind of gun is it? A semi-auto? Revolver? Can you see the bullets in the chambers of the cylinder - is it loaded? Is it cocked? Is his finger on the trigger? Is it pointed at your face? Your chest? Is he close enough to you to reach his gun without having to step forward? Is he tall? Short? Does he appear very strong (sometimes even very "small" people can very strong)? Does he seem "sure of himself", confident? Is his stance steady - how are his feet positioned. Is he stationary? Moving his feet around? Does he appear intoxicated (with anything)?

If he is too far away for a grab add things like... How far is your nearest cover? How far away is he - far enough that you may be able to throw a shot at him and take a dive behind something that will stop (or seriously hinder!) a bullet or two?

These are just scratching the surface of many questions I would have. And depending on the answers there might be many courses of action I might take.

For instance; if he has a revolver, and it isn't cocked, and is close enough for a grab without stepping forward - if he turns his head or gets distracted for a second - say a noise or something else - I might elect to grab it tightly over the cylinder (in which case he will not be able to fire it) - and hit him very hard in the adams apple. If successful thus far I would then probably give him another for good measure - depending on his stance and reaction, disarm him, and/or exit fast at this point.

If he is outside the distance for a grab, but still very close; I might say something like "I've got plenty of money - here's my wallet.." And let him have it - a bullet that is - in the face - or alternately stitch a magazine full right up his shirt or jacket button line starting at belt level on up.

Whatever the case, I think practicing some drills - whatever tactics you might plan on employing - is in order. That is, if you have a firing range that'll let you practice any appropriate firing drills. The other tactics, such as the hands on stuff can be at least addressed mentally, or better yet a good school if you have the time and money.

A couple of key points. Whatever you decide, or if an opportunity presents itself, it is generally sooner in a confrontation rather than later that your success chances are highest. Usually the last thing a thug expects right into a such a confrontation is a sudden, fast and pressing attack. And of course once you act - you must "fight to win", and as long as you can fight. Any way you can. Not exactly, but something like 50% of handgun wounds are fatal. Even if the thug gets one (or more) in you - keep fighting. And unless you find yourself with a good margin of physical advantage, if you have to engage someone with your hands who has a gun (or knife) on you, hit him where it'll be sure to put him out. The eyes are another good primary target - the usual reaction to a good poke, or swipe, in even one eye is to "forget about everything else", grab the eye(s) affected - and at least momentary disorientation. This buys a second (or three) of valuable time for a more decisive blow elsewhere, or other action. Finally, never give up your gun. If it gets spotted, or you otherwise find yourself being told to hand it over - don't do it. Distract, bluff, anything; and first opportunity try and take him out.

Oh - and good luck!
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