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When you say "gun in your face" do you really mean in your face. As in, within easy reach?
YMMV but I've seen that most people, if they are committed to this course of action in advance, can disarm an attacker. Most
self defense instructors seem to agree that you can not draw and fire in the face of a gun in your face. Basically he has the drop
on you you will be shot. The suggested course, assuming the above commitment to action, is to try and control the assailant's
gun if not take it away from him/her. (BTW don't try to kick it out of the bgs hand, only works in the movies.)

I've seem scenarios where the victim brushes aside the assailant's gun to buy time to draw and fire (one combined motion, left
arm block with right side draw and almost body contact firing of would be victim's weapon). I've also seen and participated in self defense courses and was amazed at how easy it was to both disarm and be disarmed. One of the reasons why a knife is considered by some to be a superior close quarters weapon. A knife cuts and stabs in multiple directions a gun only goes one way and itself is relatively harmless. Grab a blade, ouch, bleeding, fingers on the floor, tendons cut, loss of blood and you're no better off. Now grab a gun, nothing, maybe a small cut or bruise but nothing serious and the muzzle is no longer pointed at you, maybe its pointed at the bg. This is why one never ever makes contact with anyone one is holding at gun point, even from behind. Keep your distance.
Now, hopefully, the would be robber hasn't thought this through and is expecting fear and compliance from his victim so you have the element of surprise working for you. The bgs rarely expect to be attacked.

So what do you do? Depends on: mental preparation, physical ability, distance and a modicum of luck. If you act act aggressively and decisively. Your firearm is probably your last choice of options in this scenario. Run of go for his gun.

or, give him your money etc... and hope he doesn't shoot you anyway. Ultimately your choice.

btw: I put almost no faith in chemical sprays (let's say you have CS or Pepper spray in your hand) as the bg will probably shoot you even if he is really really uncomfortable.
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