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I want to replace my Charles Daly barrel bushing with a real good one. I would like to keep the factory barrel if possible. It is the 1911MS model (Commander-type pistol with short barrel). Please advise what is out there, cost, and how to order. Thank You.


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Hi Sir

If you have a caliper you can get just what you want. Most slide bores are .700 to .701 ish. if your is, great.
most barrels (para colt ....) are .579ish.
if yours is great.
Just order a Commander bushing from Brown Wilson,Clark,EGW,Nowlin, the Brownells catalog is a good place to pick one out of.( send for a catalog, they print around 200,000 of them)
If your slide has a larger hole,.705 say
you narrow it down to clark ( I know they make a 3 prong bushing that you fit the tip of the prongs to your slide but I am not sure if you can get it in commander length?)
or EGW. We make a .705 bushing to fit slides that are over size in the bore.
Spend a couple min. and you will be happy you did.
Lastly to be sure, put the gun together without the recoil spring and make sure the front of the barrel is not hitting the back of the bushing. If it does it may break out a chunk of slide ( this is bad
) or break the lug off the bushing.
with the guide rod in, and the barrel, bushing and slide stop pull the slide all the way back. the barel should be able to move back and fourth a little bit. If it is pinned back by the slide ( really the bushing )
find a guy that knows a good amount about 1911 and have it checked out.
hope this helps.
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an easy check is to make sure the new bushing is NO longer than the old one.
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