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SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- A federal appeals court Thursday reinstated a wrongful death lawsuit against the gun industry in a decision expected to re-ignite debate over legislation immunizing gun makers from being sued for crimes committed with their products. ....

Christopher Renzulli, the attorney for Glock and the RSR companies, said the Glock that the gunman, Buford Furrow, used to kill letter carrier Joseph Ileto was originally sold to the police department in Cosmopolis, Washington, by the RSR companies.

"How are we supposed to monitor a gun after we sell it to a law enforcement agency?" Renzulli said.

According to court records, the police department sold the weapon to a gun shop in exchange for a different model. The shop sold it to a gun collector who is alleged to have sold it to Furrow -- an ex-convict prohibited from purchasing weapons -- at a gun show in Spokane, Wash. ....

In the decision reinstating the case, Judge Richard Paez wrote that Glock's marketing strategy creates a "supply of post-police guns that can be sold through unlicensed dealers without background checks to illegal buyers."

The judge also wrote that Glock and China North supply weapons to distributors "who are responsible for the sales of guns that end up in the hands of criminals."

Totally rediculous. Why aren't they suing the police department too? :rolleyes: They sold and provided the gun to the market. :rolleyes:
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