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I have posted about this before, but I wanted to get some your opinions again now that I have some targets that show what I am talking about.

I have a full size CQB that seems to hit roughly 2 inches high and 2 inches left for me (give or take) at 10 yards. I have been shooting for about 18 years, most of that time having been spent shooting 1911's. I typically shoot at 10 - 15 yards and my primary "interests" are recreation and self-defense as opposed to serious competition (bullseye) shooting.

The first two targets are typical of what I see. The last one is just included to contrast what happens at shorter distance (5 yards). My question is, does this appear to be an issue of sights that need to be adjusted or an issue of shooter error ? Or, am I being too picky and this is "close enough" to POA ?

Small squares are 1 square inch in size. Please see the other two posts with the same Subject line for the other two targets.

Any opinions/thoughts are welcome. Thanks !


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