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Curious about Glock .40S&W

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It's getting to be time for a new toy. I've been thinking about a Glock in .40S&W and would like to know what owners of Glocks in this caliber think of them (as well as what you think of the caliber.)

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well i had a glock model 22, i liked the gun it just didnt like me. it was a new version with the finger groves and light rails i only put around 200 rounds thru it, during those 200 rounds it never missed a beat. i never was very acrate with it do to the finger groves tried my friends older version and was a lot better with it but neither one of them flet as good as my 1911 so i sold it to a freind and took the money and got me the cd ems i just picked up and pocked the rest of the cash to save maybe for a kimper or colt. seems like it just wasnt for me so im sticking with 1911 models. but all in all i still give the glock a thumbs up. Ronald
I've had a Glock 23 for several years. It has been 100% reliable. Very compact, light and packs away 13rds. Not a bad gun. Recoil from a .40 s&w is on the snappy side. I prefer the push of a .45. The .40 seems to be doing well on the street, but I don't feel it is as accurate as a good 9mm or .45acp. All in all, don't think you can go wrong. It will service its purpose, if its purpose is self defense.
I'm the farthest thing from any kind of authority, but I'll give it a try. I have a G27, and it's been reliable so far, though I'll admit I haven't shot it that much; maybe 4-500 rounds. It does have a pretty snappy recoil, but it's fun to shoot. That said, though the .40 is very popular, I can't seem to find a need for it. I like 9mmm's and my .45's...the .40 is like an answer to an unasked question.

That's just my opinion and I know lots of people swear by .40, so not trying to start a caliber argument.
I'd rather have another .45, myself.
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I've got a G22 & 23 w/ 9mm conversion and .357Sig barrels. They are outstanding shooters and extremely reliable. No fancy reloading tricks or gunsmithing necessary to make them shoot well or dependably. The only complaint I ever had was the grip angle on the 22, specifically the "hump" on the backstrap. Sent it off to have the hump removed giving the piece a 1911 w/flat mainspring feel. Like it very much now.
my department issues the Glock 22. they are good guns. i don't carry one anymore, but thats not the guns fault. they have been very good combat weapons. i had a 23 that i found to be the best in concealiblity and still be a full size feeling gun.

russel the cop

I have a G22. In comparison with my 1911 (45 cal), it allegedly has approximately the same knockdown power, but I don't shoot it quite as accurately (trigger); it is lighter weight, it stands up to neglect better (I carry it on extended hiking and camping trips), I don't worry about scuffing up the finish (it ain't pretty to begin with), and has higher mag capacity.
I have a 23 and it's a pleasure to own. If I wasn't going to carry it concealed I would probably have gone with the 22 because the full size grip feels better in my hand. But the 23 shoots just fine. I have come to appreciate the Glock's trigger - consistent from the first shot to the last.
I carry a Glock 23 every day, all day, and have done so for several years now. Very comfortable and concealable.

I have two 23's and I've been very pleased. Over 10k rounds through both of them, and I've never experienced a failure outside of two rounds of Wolf ammo which failed to fire. IMHO, the Glock 23 is the best carry gun available.

No other pistol compares when it comes to ease of maintenance and repair, simplicity, and reliabilty, in my experience. I've owned and shot lots of pistols, from Beretta's and Sig's to $2000 custom 1911's, and I've had the best luck with the Glock series. Nonetheless, no gun is perfect, and everybody is different.

FWIW, I've also got a G21 and a G17, and they're great, too

As far as caliber goes, I've tested most major brands and calibers of ammo in everthing from gelatin and newspapers to hogs and cars, and in the "big three", i.e. 9mm, .40, and .45 there isn't a nickel's worth of difference provided you choose a good round. I've got a Ziploc bag full of expanded bullets and it's difficult to tell them apart. Penetration is the key, and in .40 any standard, non-premium load in 180gr weight will do nicely. For those who insist on "premium", the 180gr ProLoad or the 180gr Rem. Golden Saber would be my choices. The majority of 180gr .40 loads will expand to around 65-68 cal. and penetrate around 13-16" of tissue, which is almost identical to most 230gr .45 loads. Again, there's not enough difference IMHO to matter. Shot placement and deep penetration are the priorities.

Best regards,

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i've had a glock mod 22 since early '98. no problems or malfunctions whatsoever. i have a lasermax for it -- works fine, no problems and the "dot" is on target. i know, but they have their uses. also have a "drop in" federal stainless ported barrel i use some times. was virtually a drop in, nominal filing to fit. perceived recoil is lighter but the flash as it gets dark is awesome. also put an a-grip on it and helped my accuracy. very accurate but they do shoot differently (the trigger) and when i don't shoot it for a while, have to really concentrate for a while to reorient to it. mcole
I'd suggest buying a G23. It has the most comfortable grip angle of the bunch for me (having the bottom rounded part cut off). As accurate as the full sized ones, and more size efficient if you can only purchase 10 rounders.
I agree the 23 is excellent in every respect. I carry a 19 w/finger grooves. New model w/finger grooves could be your only concern. Some like em some hate em.
Don't forget to look at mod 27. 1/2" shorter barrel and grip, 9 shots. You can use grip extension and use high cap 23 mags.
After market barrels are readily available with standard rifleling and more case support if .40 ka-boom stories concern you.
Crap.......Now you got me thinkin abought buyin a 27. Had one and sold it.
The gun test report I read on the long one (model 35?) in .40 was pretty glowing. The trigger is supposed to be better than the average Glock. But, I pulled one at PPC (a friend just bought it) and it still had the same long, mushy feel to it. If you don't own any, rent some before you buy. It's really hard to shoot accurately when you are gritting your teeth and holding your nose (I just can't get the hang of liking Glock triggers). Too bad, I love the look of the 35.

I couldn't get used to the mushy feel of a Glock trigger either until I went to a 3.5lb. connector w/NY 1 trigger spring. Not quite a tuned 1911 but a hell of a lot better then the factory standard.

Sweetest of all trigger combos in a Glock may well be 3.5lb. connector, NY 1 trigger spring, and a 4lb. reduced striker spring. However, this outfit will not reliably light the average pistol primer. Only brand I've found that will go bang every time with this setup is Federal. Hate to be tied to one primer brand but as this is for a cometition piece and I reload it's not a major concern. And the trigger pull is worth it.
My G22 has been my home/vehicle protection gun for years. Pushing 7000 rounds and not one, thats right not one malfunction. Occasionaly I would retire it to my safe for a new gun, but have always brought it back out. It is about to go back in the safe and my Wilson KZ45 will take over. I don't know for how long. I am a 1911 45 guy, but I do love that ugly G22 that I've given a licking at it keeps on ticking! I've put about 1800 rounds through my KZ, after I sent it back to Wilson for frequent malfunctions. No problems with any ammo type since I got it back. It is feeding perfectly and is much more accurate than my G22. I can give an "atta boy" to the 40 G22.
I should add to my previous post. When I talk about much more accurate, I'm talking at the 20-25 yard range. The G22 lays them in nicely at 15 yards and isn't bad at 25. Just not as good.
I have four Glocks a 17, 19 21 and 22 all of which have night sights. The 22 .40 caliber gives you 16 rounds of ammunition in a rust proof reliable weapon. I highly reccommend them and mine is accurate and rugged...


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I have a Glock M22 that I bought for GSSF matches. (I wanted a Model 24 but the $750 price made that impossible, I got mine from a retired LEO for $250). I have developed a lot of respect for it and it is now my primary house gun. It is close by right now in fact
Mine is the non grooved model and I do wish that I had the newer grip and light rail for home protection.

If I were going to suggest a handgun for all round use I would not hesitate to suggest a Glock in .40 S&W. Serious bullet weight with good velocity.

I bought mine before the Model 35 came out, if I had to chose now and CCW were not an issue I would get the Model 35 for the longer barrel and 3.5# trigger. There is a chance that Ohio may pass CCW this year, if that happens I will look into a model 23 which is sort of the Commander of Glocks.
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Thanks for all the input guys!

"Go tell the Spartans, passerby, that here, obediant to their laws, we lie"------Simonides, upon the memorial at Thermopylae
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