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New Custom artwork every year??

  • Keep it the same every year

    Votes: 30 73.2%
  • Change the custom artwork yearly

    Votes: 11 26.8%

Custom Artwork Poll

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I thank you all for your efforts in getting us some really great artwork for our new Custom label. We are getting very close to zeroing in on a final piece for this years custom projects. I believe it would be neat for us to change the artwork yearly. What do you all think???

:) :) :)
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I'd keep it the same. If you don't, every year you'd start over re-marketing a new logo. I'd pick the logo with the most impact and let it develop a following and logo awareness over the coming years.

Imagine changing your circular DW logo every year. Not a good idea in my opinion for brand recognition.


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I aggree with

Iggy and Sam.. leave it. Besides take the extra money your saving on not having to change your logo and put it into developement and Quality control.


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Keep it the same Bob.......

Like some of the other guys said, recognition plays a big part in sales and loyalty. If you do decide to change it, find something unique, then leave it so it sets in peoples minds. Just my 2 cents....Keep up the great work and say Hi to Phil for us!!:cool:
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