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Hello Everyone
I would like to introduce myself - I am Mike Timlin I am in the final stages of opening our company called NEXUS Custom Firearms - Mike Moroch is the pistolsmith and builds all his guns on the Caspian Frames and Slides.

Some of you may be familar with Mike Morach. He was a Custom Gun Builder in Texas and came to NY to work for KIMBER as their Gunsmith - While he was in NY we met and decided to build our own line of guns and of course we used the best, Caspian Slides and Frames.

Thats How we came up with NEXUS - NEw York and teXas built in the US.

For some reason that maybe the moderator can explain I can get the photos uploaded, But if your intersted in seeing some of our pictures of our models please feel frre to call me at 914-664-1414 or E-Mail me at [email protected]

We have a Few Models to choose from with our new cocking serrations form fitted to to fit your fingerprint design.

Looking Forward to talk with you all soon.
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