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Custom Shop Professional Package

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Has anyone sent a full size loaded to the Custom Shop for the Professional upgrade? If so, how did it turn out? I've been thinking about sending my parkarized loaded to them to have a Nowlin barrel and bushing, SA mag well, action job w/tool steel hammer and sear, 25lpi front strap checkering, and either reparkerizing or Black T. I'd like to have a pro but can't afford the 2K investment right now. How about some suggestions? This is a duty weapon.
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Rest assured that if it comes out of the Custom Shop, you will have a hell of a good gun. Their work is excellent and backed by one of the best warranties in the business.
I bought a Springfield LW .45 Ultra compact years ago and sent it to the Custom Shop for their "Super Tuned" package. I can say that when I got it back it was everything and more than I expected.
I thought about doing this once and was told my Pro would still have MIM parts and for the cost to convert I should just sell my Mil-Spec and use the money towards a Pro.
I was hoping to find someone that has had this conversion done. I probably will either send it in for the listed modifications or sell it and save for a pro or possibly a TRP operator. I think the listed upgrades would make my loaded a very nice duty pistol for a total investment of under $1000.00. Thanks for the feedback. I really enjoy this forum even though I don't post often.
Does the custom shop tighten the slide and frame fit in the package?

I think in the end, the Professional would still be a much better investment than a Loaded w. the "package" done to it.
You mentioned the TRP Operator as an option and I have to say I find it and the TRP, I have both, excellent pistols for the money and you are saving alot from the professional price range. You also mentioned it was for duty use and I just don't think you could go wrong with either of the TRP packages. Just my two cents.
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