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I picked up my Custom Target yesterday and when I got home my Blade-Tech Kydex belt holster (with FBI cant), 2-mag holder, and Wilderness 5-stitch belt had arrived. Fit and finish on pistol (and Blade-Tech gear)was very good.There was a small drift mark on
the rear sight(cold blue pen +3 minutes and repair is invisible) and the hammer has a very minor casting imperfection in that it has a small "gouge?", for lack of a better term, on the back below the serrations. Please, Kimber flamers, these slight imperfections are almost invisible (I am just VERY meticulous with my firearms). I fired 150 rds today (waiting on a case of Lawman 230gr FMJ from AMMOMAN) using 3 Wilson/Rogers 47D, 8rd mags. The results were OUTSTANDING! 1 inch groups at 25yds without even trying! Out of the box! I checked the extractor tension last night (I prefer to do my own 1911 work) and cleaned 'er up and just fooled around with it all night (dry firing drills and cycling the action). I am going to call Kimber Monday and request a new hammer and then it will be about perfect. Once this pistol is properly broken in I would put it up against an operator with similar skills using any overpriced Wilson, Les Baer, etc, etc... As far as rear sight issues, my old Colt GM factory sight broke twice (replaced 2nd time with aftermarket part) it can happen to them all....The Blade-Tech gear is outstanding as well. Good retention (adjustable), quiet, and comfortable. PS- I ordered a (steel)checkered, arched MSH from Kimber that I'll install this week.

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