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Customize or build it up?

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Pondering if I should get a Springfield TRP, I have got to thinking if I should just customize my own 1911 based off a Mil-Spec. I guess i have a basic set of desired features.

First and foremost I want reliability. I want it to be accurate to the point where reliability is sacrificed. I want night sights on them. I'm not sure what a bull barrel does, but I might want one. I think I may want a stainless slide and a blued or parkerized (what's the difference) frame. I like the two-tone look, but not mandatory. When shopping for a pistol, should I go for key features that I want? If so a TRP looks good (that's what I wanted before).

Then I thought about customizing. Reasons I can think of customizing, please amend if I have forgotten anything:
Pro's of customizing: 1) Pride...Your own gun. 2) Gunsmith fitting.
Downsides are: It's no longer the name-brand pistol you want, i.e. Springfield, Kimber, rather a mutt-pistol (which is fine for some folks, not fine for some people who want it to say 'Colt' all over it)., the cost, and turnaround time. Also sacrifices the warranty. Did I forget anything?

So if a TRP is just a Loaded with better fitting, am I just better off building my own, if time and money were no object? I know it's stupid searching for the holy grail of pistols, but it seems like a lot of fun. If I took the Springfield TRP specs and built my own up like that and gave it to some guy like Dane Burns to do it, what's the difference in cost, reliability and accuracy that I am looking at?

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Oops, title should have said 'TRP or build-it-up'. I put this in General because it's kind of a general 1911 question on 'smithing, mods pls move to Springfield if you deem appropriate

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Skunka, I would always recommend you start with a basic mil-spec and build it up. I found this out the hard way when I bought a loaded SA and soon discovered that all those extras I paid for weren't really for me. They promote them as having Novak sights, but don't tell you they aren't tritium equipped. Rosewood panels when I would have prefered micarta. You get the picture.

The price difference really wouldn't be that much and I think any increased expediture would be outweighed by the fact that you have a pistol equipped with the parts that YOU want. Parts that you considered and chose for yourself. Don't like tritium? Don't get it. Don't like ebony? Don't get it. Don't like speedbumps on your grip safety or serrations on the MSH.....

And don't worry about that "mutt gun" thing. A learned shooter will recognize a good weapon regardless of the name, or names, on it. A well-designed pistol, with quality parts and good fitting, is a dream any shooter would like to live out.

Heck, my Colt 1991 is gorgeous and shoots great, but most of the little parts have been replaced with after market stuff.

Save your buck initially and get a mil-spec weapon. Shoot it a lot and then send it off to a smith to be "refurbished". You'll be happy you did.

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Just buy a "semi-custom" 1911 like the Wilson CQB, then you already get the bells and whistles without the wait...

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