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after my first post relating to which one of these to acquire and the pro/con remarks about both i was able to handle each at our local shop and made my pick.....i have both of them now. :cool: the bersa (got the thunder deluxe model) is a touch smaller with it's single stack as was mentioned. the trigger travel is somewhat long (to say the least) but the trigger pull/weight itself is very nice. the cz 83 (got the satin nickel) is bigger overall as was mentioned which seems partly due to high cap mag. the trigger pull on it is shorter (like almost non existant) and just a touch heavier.

i find both guns just plain fun to shoot and both shoot well at the 7 yard range i normally use them at. with either of them i can usually keep most of the rounds in a rough/ragged one hole expanded pattern with a few just outside that expanded hole, which is fine for the defensive type shooting i normally practice.

a big thanks to each for your advice in the earlier post on this choice and i am very happy with both guns. i am putting at least 25 rounds thru each every trip trip to the range now as i am getting used to their feel and function.

be safe, shoot well. :rock:
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