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Finally getting around to this report. Got my new Daly EFS to the range a few days ago. Shot 100 rnds 230 gr ball reloads & 100 rnds 200 gr Speer Lawman HP reloads. Had 2 FTFs both on the ball ammo at various times & with different mags. Both times the slide locked up fairly tight with the round almost completely chambered.

That evening while cleaning I did a "loaded round & empty shell" test on the extractor and it seems to be a bit tight, holding the loaded round nicely but also not letting loose of the empty until it was almost clear of the hook. I am hoping this will clear up after firing a few more 100 rounds or so. I did not want to mess with the adjustment of the extractor at this time as it does not seem to be a very big problem for a new gun. We'll see.

Other than that the Daly was very accurate (at least as accurate as I am) out of the box. No huge variation left/right or up/down as I have read about some other manufacturers pistols lately.

It definetly does not have the feel of my Gold Cup or SA Loaded but then again it's not. I am not talking trigger pull or action feel but mostly the overall heft feeling.

For $358. it is a nice overall weapon and a keeper for what I bought it for (a spare, a trainer for some folks I am introducing to 1911 shooting & because I wanted it).

Maybe should have posted this on the Daly forum, sure looks lonely over there sometimes.
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