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Dreams do happen -- I always wanted a two/tone bobtail, sure some of the semi-customs guys can do it but I love Dan Wesson bobtails and wanted to do some "bubba smithin" at the same time and learn about the internals of the gun.

I did the 3-hole trigger, slide-release and the Chen thumb safety myself along with scotch/brighting the frame to remove an idiot scratch and some nicks in the frame..

I then sent the slide to @EvolutionArmory for DLC, new sights, ball cut French border and the slide-top treatment. Those New Hampshire guys are great so easy to work with and went way above and beyond. This was a 2012 model and had a Springfield front sight cut and that drastically reduced my sight choices and my heart was set on the Novak cut XD HR's so they welded up the front and rear dovetails (someone had badly buggered up the rear sight cut at some time in the past replacing it) and then expertly re-cut them.

I was originally going to use these Sarge burl grips but my friend Bob @ hallsway wood grips dropped these sick walnut grips on me when I told him about the build and a picture is worth 1,000 words. The finish looks 10ft deep on these walnut grips -- the luster is stunning ---you could shave in these --- just check out the reflection in the last picture, you can read the grip description, it's SICK

Thanks to everyone involved and especially again to @EvolutionArmory they could had turned away the weld-up work as it was not part of the original plan but they really went above and beyond









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On the first range trip I had a couple of failures to extract and a couple of double feeds over 120 rounds of AE 124's.

But the Evolution Armory guys got the sights right, this was some 30 ft shooting.



Interestingly, upon getting the slide back I had to take some scotchbright to the bushing and inside if the slide take .001 (guess 😏) to get the bushing into the slide. Same thing with the very end of the extractor. Where they came from is physically smaller post DLC.

So, to address the FTE I added some tension to the extractor (about 1/8th") more deflection with the extractor adjustment tool and that worked 100% today with another 90 rounds.



It's very accurate. 3" target at 20 ft.

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