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I spoke with (unknown to me at the time) Dave Dawson Jr. regarding a site for my Para p14. He told me that he had a chip mcormick that he thought would work. It was reasonably priced so I ordered it. Three days later Mr. Dawson Sr. Calls me to let me know that Mr. Dawson Jr. Fitted it to a para and it works great. However, the price he quoted was below cost. Since they already qouted me the price, they told me that they would take the loss. I offered to at least pay the cost plus a couple bucks but they said no its ok. I was not only impressed by this, but I was flattened to learn that Dave Dawson Jr. took the time to check MY part before it was sent to me. That , friends, is some Dave Dawson Awesome customer service!

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Shane45 -

I live a few miles from Dawson Precision and they are the best as you mentioned. I purchased a Caspian Slide and Frame through them and when it arrived I noticed that Caspian forgot to cut the slide for the barrel bushing. Rather than send it back Dave Jr. milled the slide for me free of charge. He has also taken the time to give me invaluable information and tips for the completion of my project. Needless to say I buy all of my parts from them and always will.

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