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defender mag capacity

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hi guys, i just picked up a Colt defender,it looks like mfg. in 1996, anyway, i have two factory mags with the orange plastic follower,are they 6 rnd or 7 round magazines?????
the man i bought it from says he always kept 6 in the gun,but 7 will fit.
formerly several other usernames, i just dont have good luck keeping the same name,keep losing passwords...lol.
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I'm new to Colt's Defender - just recently aquired one. New mags are 7 rounders. I'd guess yours is too. Try it and see....
If seven rounds won't fit, they're 6-rounders.
thanks guys, 7 fit, i just wanted to hear it here,thanks again

mark r.
When I first got mine seven were a really really tight fit.
Get Rid of Colt Mags

Those with metal followers..the orange Colt things...will put a ding/gouge in the aluminum ramp. Look at the lower lip on yours and if the orange has worn off on the tip, its been hitting the ramp and you'll see a tiny ding there. Go with something with plastic followers like Wilson, Les Baer, or Metalform. I use the latter.

The Colt mags are fine for Officers models that are all steel, so you can sell them easily.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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