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Delta Elite

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Does anyone know the range of serial numbers that identify Deltas that were prone to frame cracking? I have found a NIB Delta Elite serial # DE15XXX that I will be having custom work done on by Ned Christiansen (in a few years anyway :p ). Any light that be shed would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I think the frames that had a "tendency" to crack were pre-production examples. The modification made to the frame was opening the top of the "window" through which the rear of the slide stop passes. If the frame has that cut through the rail, then its as good as any (I'm not aware of any production Deltas that don't have this cut).
Thanks for making me feel better!
The Link below is a good resource to look at about the Delta and the 10mm. As was stated earlier look for the cut-out,there is a picture of the fix in the link....

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