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Dented Case Mouths

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I am loading 6.5g of Unique in 45 Starline brass w/ 230g Fed. Hydra-Shocks. They are 875fps through the chrono. My gun is a WWI Colt 1911 mfg. in 1918. The gun, though it is old, does not have much wear. I am just beginning to load for this gun. It has been in a safe since the end of WWI. I have changed the spring to a 20# variable Wolf spring. The mags are new My question is why is my brass dented on the case mouths?

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Kevin-64 hit the nail on the head. Lowering the ejection port was a common modification on 1911 style pistols until the manufacturers started doing it at the factory. It prevents case mouth denting and makes for slightly more reliable ejection. JMB designed the 1911 with a small ejection port to help prevent debis from getting into the action. Now, having said all this, please, please don't have your circa 1918 pistol modified.
If you want to reload the brass, you can use needle nose pliers to carefully straighten out the dent enough to go into the resizing die. The die will do the rest. I know, it's a hassle; but it sure is a lot better than allowing someone to take a file or dremel tool to that grand old pistol. Just my .02.-TR

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