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I'm new to HP with a very pretty Novack , that shoots great , should I , do I need to detail strip ? I feel like I need to , like my 1911s . Can somebody lead me in the right direction for instructions for doing so . Any tricks I need to know about disassembly ?
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The P-35 has a couple things that make detail stripping a bit more hassle than it is on a 1911. The trigger pin can be very tight and probably should not be driven in and out unnecessarily. The extractor pin and the slide's sear bar pin are roll pins and are best left alone, unless you need to replace a broken part. Getting the nut and pin off of the hammer strut, in order to remove the mainspring, is a hassle too. While the "action" comes apart easily enough, I always find myself wishing for a third hand while trying to replace the sear pin during reassembly.

I like the P-35 very much. It is very easy to field-strip. However, it is one of those designs that is a good candidate for simply blowing out with aerosol gunscrubber, as opposed to detail stripping.


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The BHP has many basic improvements over the 1911, or perhaps simplifications would be a better word. One ability it does not have is disassembly and reassembly without tools.
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