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I was out at the store today, picking up some necessities, when I noticed a new consignment piece, a "Detonics Combat Master Mark V". It's in really good shape, I guess (I didn't get it apart). I'm thinking about picking it up. Is $700 a good price for this piece? It's stainless, I think.

And, if I did pick it up, would it be okay to carry? I mean, I don't even want it if it's just for looking at, not for shooting. If it's a potential goldmine, I'll pass it along to someone more interested in putting it in the safe. I don't want to wring it out; but, I would want to carry it every day, maybe add an ambi safety.

It looks like a fun little toy; but, is it worth it?

"So don't forget-with enough determination you can win even when you appear to be losing-just keep shooting!"
-Bill Jordan, from No Second Place Winner
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