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Difference in TPR and Pro?

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This may seem like a silly question, but I have been racking SAs site trying to find these answers:

besides the PRICE, whats the difference between the TPR and the pro? and why such a huge price difference?
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Well, the price is your clue to the big difference. The pro is hand built to the tightest possible tolerences. It is fitted as tight as can be made to function 100%. The pro uses a Nowlin (I believe) match barrel. The TRP is a production line gun, though I believe that it uses a better then normal SA barrel. As far as cosmetic differences, the TRP has front slide serrations and a FLGR, the Pro lacks both. I basically look at the TRP as a Loaded with checkering on the frontstrap. The pro is a custom shop gun from the ground up. I'm sure if I missed any differences, someone will remind me :>...

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