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All three you mention are just different names for the same round.
I'd start that BHP with hardball - full jacketed roundnose. The Russian stuff - Wolf brand is most common - is in steel cases, is spotty in quality control, and has been accused of breaking extractors and gumming up chambers with lacquer. Avoid it.
Sellier & Bellot is ok. You may still be able to get Winchester-USA at Wal-Mart for a good price, it was about $10.95 a hundred this summer. Remington-UMC, Federal American Eagle, and CCI Blazer are other brands of decent economy practice. Samson-IMI is good, PMC is fair.

When and if you want to get some hollowpoint for defense, I'd start with Federal Classic, the famous stock number 9BP, or Remington JHP, or Winchester Silvertip. Those are standard hollowpoints, not specialty items like Hydra-Shok and Golden Sabre. They come in boxes of 50 instead of 20 and have more rounded noses for a better chance of feeding in a gun not really intended for hollowpoint bullets.
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